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Chengdu Bank, founded in December 30, 1996, the former Chengdu 44 urban credit cooperatives founded Chengdu Urban Cooperative Bank, Department of Sichuan Province, the first city commercial banks. October 28, 2008, approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Bank of Chengdu in the Chengdu City Commercial Bank officially changed its name to mark the beginning of the line development by local banks to regional banks, national bank. At the same time, Bank of Chengdu continuous joined this "2007 Global Commercial Banking 1000 ", " 2007 top 300 Asian banks ", "2007 China Banking 100 comprehensive strength rating of the authority of international commercial banks. II.Internship process

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Said the bill business predominantly refers to the checks, including two kinds of note of transfer and cash checks. For cash check business is being audited, see the seal of the drawer seal in line with the bank set aside , is through the computer Yan Yin , or manually check ( my internship bank equipment is not quite keep up with advances in technology also uses a manual check ); look at the case are the same amount , whether the altered amount of the ticket , the ticket issue date , payee elements , check whether it has been more than prompt payment terms , check whether the overdraft , if the endorsement , the endorsement shall be signed are consistent , is worth noting that capital amounts to the whole , to the sub , you cannot remember the whole .

Cash checks , accounting, bookkeeping , audit and correct accounting , and then passed to the Members of the accounting review , Members of the accounting review is recognized as correct , it is passed to the cashier , the cashier stamped cash paid , the payee can be the cashier 's office to receive cash ( cashier reconciliation with the payee orally ) . Note on transfer of audio content is the constant cash checks, handling audited by the accounting bookkeeper accounting review of the members of the accounting review. Here is a recorded time. Cash checks and payment behavior Bank note of transfer (such as the internal dealings of

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