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|University of Hamburg |St. Petersburg State University | | |of Economics and Finance | MiBA Master of International Business Administration INTERNSHIP REPORT AT PALYTRA TRAVEL AGENGY Table of Contents 1. Explanation about how the internship was applied. 3 2. Description of the firm and the department. 3 3. Description of job and tasks during the internship. 4 4. Connection between study and practice. 5 5. Working Routine. 5 6. Supervision. 6 7. Expectations. 6 8. Results. 6 9.…show more content…
Connection between study and practice. All my knowledge in service marketing and sales were very helpful and useful during my internship. They bring me a lot of new ideas to be focus on what I’m doing and what to expect from me. Particularly during my MiBA studies I loved to read marketing reports, they are all very useful to have a global vision to marketing strategies of the company. During my internship I saw how the marketing chief plans this report with a new form of planning that actually it’s use by programmers, it’s call “Planning Poker”, this game should force people to think independently and to avoid the influence of the other participants. That was something innovating for me. Working Routine. My working routine began with some lessons of sales force. Learning Sales Force was quite an experience as the company use this CRM system to automate all sales procedures such as mass mail for all leads, creation of itineraries, tracking leads activities with html codes scripts on our mails signatures, and even making a whole travel plane for internal needs (internal reports, costs, products to add) and beautiful templates for final costumers. This study took about 3-4 hours per day. Then, I checked my email from Gmail, and also I have an email application from Mac, which contains 5 other email accounts for all mail accounts I had for the company. Then I open up Facebook and Hootsuite to check my social networking updates.

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