Internship Report: Social Development Office, Kuwait

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Introduction to Internship The internship was part of my degree in marketing. I have already completed a 90-day internship. I have completed this internship in the Social Development Office (SDO), in Kuwait for multiple roles such as organizing files, campaigning for the affiliation and serving in the media and public relations office. Pursuing my degree in marketing and having an interest in business, social and public relations, I opted to take the internship in a reputable media relations entity or marketing departments. This aided me enhance my practical skills that are pertinent for a good professional in those disciplines. Introduction to Social Development Office The SDO is a social monument established in order to attend to the repercussions of aggression and occupation that Iraq inflicted on Kuwait. The SDO is an affiliation that aims at recuperating the Kuwaiti identity by eliminating any social, educational and psychological distress. Since the late Amir of Kuwait initiated SDO, it has rapidly accomplished its missions and goals in a tangible and clear manner. Presently, SDO houses top-notch professionals in all its branches throughout Kuwait. These professionals have specialized in the disciplines of social and educational counselling and psychological rehabilitation. The SDO boasts of diverse departments through which it delivers its best services to the people of Kuwait and inspires similar institutions from other nations all over the world. SDO's

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