Internship Report in Janata Bank Limited

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1.1 Origin of the Report

Internship Program is a partial requirement for acquiring MBA degree in Dhaka University. Before completion of the degree, a student must undergo the Internship Program. Internship program is a perfect bridge to match the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. Only curriculum activity is not sufficient to handle the real business situation.

So, it is an urge to arrange an internship program. This program consists of at least there phases: ÔØæ Orientation with the organization ÔØæ Completing the project work ÔØæ Writing the report

Internship report on Human Resources Management Practices in Janata Bank has been supervised by Dr. Md. Nazmul Karim Chowdhury, Professor, department of Management
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ÔØû The time limit of the internship program is a big limitation, because this is a very short span of time to make an extensive report on the total banking activities, which consists of various things.

ÔØû Janata Bank authority is not cooperative manner. They confused me and never show any interest to me about that matter.

ÔØû Scope of my study is so wide that analytical and comprehensive study is not possible.

2.1 History of Janata Bank:
Janata Bank has been operating since its inception in 1972 both in Bangladesh and overseas. Janata Bank has been playing a significant role in the economic development of the country by mobilizing savings and channelizing funds into different productive sectors. It is also a major player in the fields of micro-credit and software development. Janata Bank, the second largest commercial Bank in Bangladesh. Immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, the erstwhile United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were nationalized and renamed as Janata Bank. ÔØû Janata Bank operates through 847 branches ÔØû The Bank employs more than fifteen thousand persons. ÔØû The mission of the bank is to actively participate in the socio- economic development of the nation by operating a commercially sound banking organization,┬áproviding credit to viable borrowers, efficiently delivered and competitively priced,…