Internship Report on City Bank Limited

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1.1 Introduction
Economic history shows that development has started everywhere with the banking system and its contribution towards financial development of a country is the highest in the initial stage. Schumpeter (1933) regarded the banking system as one of the two main agents (other being entrepreneurship) in the whole process of development. Keynes also emphasized the role of banking services in the process of economic development of a country, while SHE was addressing the House of Lords regarding International and Monetary System (quoted in Sharma 1985). Moreover Alexander Gerschenkron (1962) in his popularly known “Gerschenkron’s Hypothesis” explained the banking system as the key role player at certain stage of the
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Md. Abdul Halim, Senior Vice President & Manager, CBL, BB Avenue Br.
 Mr. A.S.M Shokrana, Vice President, PBL, BB Avenue Br.

 Mr. Mohammad Mortaja, Senior Executive Officer, Credit Department, CBL,BB Avenue Br.
 Md. Sohel Rana, Officer, Accounts Section.

(b) Secondary sources
(i) Annual report of City Bank Ltd.
(ii) Files & Folders
(iii) Memos & Circulars
(iv) Daily diary (containing my activities of practical orientation) maintained by me,
(v) Various publications on Bank,
(vi) Websites,
Different circulars sent by Head Office and Bangladesh Bank.

1.6 Limitations of the Report
There were some problems while I have undergone the internship program. A wholehearted effort was applied to conduct the internship program and to bring a reliable and fruitful result. In spite of having the wholehearted effort, there exits some limitations, which acted as barrier. The limitations were ---
 The study was limited only to the City Bank Limited, B.B. Avenue Branch.
 Another Problem was time constraints. The duration of my internship Program was only two months. But this time is not enough for a complete and fruitful study.
 The Bank was a busy one having heavy rush of people, whom officers need to deal with. So allocation of
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