Internship Report on Financial Management System of Ngo.

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▪ Accurate and timely financial reporting to the management, donors and GOB can be ensured. PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION HIV/AIDS and STD Alliance Bangladesh (HASAB), a specialized leading national Non-Government Organization (NGO) highly focused in HIV/AIDS field, has been working in Bangladesh for more than fourteen years to assist smaller NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBO) in accessing resources and capacity building (technical, managerial & organizational). HASAB’s prime role as an umbrella organization also involved in prevention and control of HIV/AIDS/STI among general population and diversified population having high risk behavior, and also providing care and support for HIV positive people. Since its inception in 1994, as a linking organization of International HIV/AIDS Alliance, UK to mobilize and address community responses to HIV/AIDS, HASAB initiated working with the communities vulnerable to HIV/AIDS through partnership with NGOs and CBOs. Gradually, HASAB emerged as a specialized agency with its long experience of grant management and capacity building for smaller NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBO) and Faith Based Organizations (FBO) in HIV/AIDS field. HASAB provided both financial and technical support to grassroots NGOs/CBOs for education and raising awareness on HIV/AIDS, leading to behavior change in target population. Over the years, HASAB as an indigenous national level umbrella NGO has experienced in building the technical
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