Internship Review: The Marketing and Sales Department of B. Z. Newspaper, Berlin

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Internship review: The marketing and sales department of B.Z. Berlin While interning at the marketing and sales department at B.Z. Berlin (a tabloid newspaper in Berlin), I was able to gain an insider's view of how both print and digital publications must position themselves in the competitive, ever-changing news marketplace. Marketing within the communications industry is extremely cutthroat and even relatively popular tabloids with an established readership like B.Z. Berlin must fight for market share. Over the course of my internship I grew increasingly aware of the relevance of the four Ps of marketing known as 'promotion, price, product, and placement' (The marketing process, n.d., The Times 100: Business Case Studies). Given the focus of my internship, my primary duties revolved around the promotional aspects of the tabloid. Tabloids by definition must generate heat (buzz) as well as provide light (information) on the news. I was charged with supporting the planning, realization, control and optimization of several advertising campaigns for continuing features on politics, sport, and celebrity gossip. The 'product' we were selling was information, a particular kind of information. We had to convince members of the public that the content we were disseminating was of worthy of their time and money. People usually buy tabloids as impulse buys when they are walking past a news kiosk on the way to work or on their way home. Creating a single, gripping headline or

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