Internship Writing Assignment

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Internship Writing Assignment
During the course of this semester, I have been interning with the Human Services Center located in New Castle, PA. The Human Services Center (HSC) has a several locations, ranging from administrative offices to group homes. Out of the 21 buildings the HSC owns, I spend a majority of my time in the Housing and Residential Services office. This office is located on a block of old Victorian homes on Grant Street, which were renovated in 2010 into HSC staff offices and group homes. The Human Services Center provides housing for approximately 150 individuals with issues dealing with homelessness or mental health illness. They are able to serve a diverse group of individuals by employing around 200 people with a background
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The Human Services Center hires many undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in social work, psychology, public health or related fields for internships. The organization offers a wide selection of services for the community, and as a result, contributes to a large job market for individuals with different educational backgrounds and passions for varying populations of clientele. When a new hire arrives at the HSC, they are offered training for their new position by the current staff members. Furthering education is encouraged, but not a requirement for most positions at the HSC. According to the HSC website regarding Quality Assurance (2016), they offer their staff on-site programs to maintain licensure and credentials. These educational seminars and workshops offer volunteers and staff an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about mental illness, homelessness, poverty and other related subjects. These trainings are free of cost and encouraged by supervisors for volunteers and staff to…show more content…
The services they offer help to build the community up by offering treatment, employment, support and resources individuals need in order to live healthier, happier lives, as well as making the community a safer place to live. The Human Services Center has established relationships with other organization in the area, which also help to meet the needs of the community. For example, the Lawrence County CARES Center provides recreational opportunities for the community, as well as offering weekly meals free of cost. This is one example of how the HSC utilizes other organizations in the area with similar missions to maximize the impact they have on the well-being of the
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