Interoperability: Child Abuse and Child Protective Services Essay

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Interoperability has been described as the extent in which systems and devices can exchange data and translate that shared information. It is the ability of one system to perform work in addition with other systems without asking for too much hard work from the other users. This system enhances the importance for information technology to make the networks and integrations work. In order for the process to function properly the two systems that are attempting to share information must be able to exchange data and introduce that same information to other users in a way that he or she can understand it. There are many organizations in the business world and many have different operating systems. The importance of
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Next, is to provide the best services possible to meet each child and families unique needs. Last, taking each allegation made seriously and assessing the allegations to the best of one’s ability to ensure that if there is any form of abuse or neglect the necessary steps occur in order to protect the child. The services of CPS are to intervene if necessary and protect children until his or her parent is capable to doing so. The most essential aspect of CPS is to recognize the protection of children and to ensure that reasonable efforts are made to maintain children safely in their own home, to reunite the family as soon as the courts see fit or to find permanency for the child if the situation permits for the parental rights to be voided. Other services include mental health, counseling, parenting skills training, medical care/services and adoption services.
Methods of Interoperability There are several different methods to implement interoperability. Many organizations have created their own interoperability methods. One of the methods of interoperability is technical interoperability, which is the ability for different technologies to communicate and exchange data-based upon well-defined interface standards. The second is semantic interoperability, which is the ability to

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