Interpersonal And Critical Theoretical Approach For Gender Development

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Gender, which is “a classification that society makes, and for most people it endures” (Wood, 2015) can be observed through four different, theoretical perspectives. Those theoretical perspectives are biological, interpersonal, cultural, and critical. Although all of these theories differ from one another, they all revolve around gender development. The three theories that I’m going discuss are a part of the interpersonal and critical theoretical approach to gender development. The interpersonal theories that I’m going to discuss are the Psychodynamic and Social Learning theories. The critical theory that I’m going to deliberate on is the Queer theory.
The situation that I’m going to discuss focuses on my friend who is a lesbian. She was raised by her mother alone, because her father wasn’t involved in her life. She didn’t identify herself as a lesbian until around the time she went to high school. Before writing this paper, I asked her how not having her father in her life affected her gendered attitudes and behaviors as a child and she explained that it didn’t affect her until she was old enough to comprehend it. The psychodynamic theory states that “the first relationship we have fundamentally influences how we define our identity, including gender” (Wood, 2015). This theory explains that mothers and daughters are likely to have more interaction and that young girls determine their identity through the interaction with their mothers. Since living with her mother was all
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