Interpersonal And Written Communication Techniques

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Evaluate interpersonal and written communication techniques. Interpersonal communication techniques Body Language – I have used it while I am speaking to someone to explain thing better as well as to get others attention to me (engage the others). I have also used correct body language while others speaking so it showed that I am interested. Advantages of body language was I have manage to explain everything and get my point across and also I have manage to receive information from others without interrupting them. However disadvantages of body language was that it could be offensive to people who has different background or culture than me. This would be problem as communicator may offend other person even though he/she didn’t mean to. To avoid offending other communicator(s) we should ensure we are using correct body language and also have knowledge about others background or culture. Verbal Exchange – I have used this technique to communicate with others as well as give information to and receive information from others. Such as during the group activity where I have to speak to other members of the group and listen them to complete a task. Advantages of verbal exchange are that I have manage to give information out and receive information and also I am able communicate and understand others and they understand me. Paraphrasing – I have used paraphrasing within the entire unit to achieve the criteria that is in assignment. This technique was useful as I have find
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