Interpersonal Behavior Analysis

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I spent the weekend, as I often do, on the sidelines of several soccer matches. With apologies to the rest of the world I will utilize the term soccer as that is what we call it in the US; we can save that discussion for a less formal and less professional arena. This weekend I watched the officials, and subsequently the parents of the opposing team, begin to focus on the actions of one player. As the focus shifted to that player she became viewed as more aggressive and more physical than other players on the field. She was called more frequently for penalties, and those calls seemed to cause more frequent and heightened reaction from the parents of the opposing team. The team member in question was not my daughter, nor was she the most physical player on the …show more content…

I have witnessed this before, and it piqued my interest. I noted that the discussion on our sidelines began to center around the team member in question. Later in speaking to my daughters I noticed that their focus on the game had shifted to the treatment of that player as well, even though one of my daughters had received several warnings and a yellow card. As I pondered the negative impact of this perception, I began to wonder how often this presents in our professional lives. My conclusion was that this coloring of opinion is likely present every day of our managerial lives. How do managers reset their perception to objectivity? What actions or exercises are likely to assist us in removing the social filter and regaining a balanced unbiased perception? I know that I occasionally have to make a conscious effort to objectively review a team

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