Interpersonal Behavior : Doris Maat And Bob Milgrom

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Samantha Mottola
Interpersonal Behavior
Doris Maat & Bob Milgrom

Final Exam

A. Discuss at least three forms of love that you have experienced or encountered, such as romantic love, friendship, familial love, empathy, love of nature, art, animals, ect. How do these types of love differ from one another? What do they share in common? What roles does empathy, authenticity and/or self-esteem play in these various relationships?
In my life I have experienced all kinds of love. I have loved and been loved by family, friends, boyfriends, and pets to name a few. I have also had a love for art, sentimental objects or clothing, and certain places. Although I have love for all of these things, each love is different. As Aronson puts it, “The difficulty in defining love seems to lie, at least in part, with the fact that love is not a unitary, one-dimensional state but, rather, is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon experienced in a broad variety of relationships” (Aronson 390). The three forms of love that are most important to me at this point of my life are the love of my parents, the love of my church family, and the love of my friends. All of these people have a special place in my heart even though all three of these forms of love are different.
I am very lucky in that I have a very loving relationship with my parents. This type of love is unconditional in that I will always love my parents no matter what, and they will always love me. We may get into arguments at

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