Essay on Interpersonal Commmunication in the Movie Marty

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Interpersonal communication is everywhere in society, both the past, present, and the future. “Marty,” a love story, and a movie made in the fifties, shows many examples of interpersonal communication. In this movie, the main character, Marty, who is a decent, socially awkward man who is pressured by his peers and family to find love and get married. He then gets fed up and goes to a club in town and meets a woman named Claire, who is in similar circumstances to him. Marty and Claire then interact and spend time together and Marty experiences companionship for the first time. As time goes on, Marty’s bachelor friends and his mother are expressing their disapproval of Claire. Marty then gets angry with everyone, and tells them all I …show more content…
Specifically, since both of them are alone and not having a stable amount of self-confidence. They grow because of having the same feeling for each other. Most people start relationships based on this theory because deep-down we want someone who is resembles us, or the closest thing. Next, in this movie, there are self-concept issues, specifically with Marty. Throughout the movie, especially in the beginning, Marty has a low self-concept, until he meets Claire. A person’s self-concept can come from several sources, such as what other people say, social comparisons, cultural teachings, and one’s observations, interpretations, and evaluations. In Marty’s case, the origins of his self-concept are from all of the previous factors listed. First, other people as a shame, for instance, view Marty in the beginning when Marty was in the store where women are saying that he is a shame since he is not married. Furthermore, Marty is criticized because he is thirty-four and all of his younger siblings are married and he is not. In addition, Marty’s culture, and the American culture in the 1950s, a person in supposed to get married at a young age. Therefore, Marty is sad that he is not getting married anytime soon in the beginning of the movie. Last, is how Marty views himself, he does not have great self-esteems and he does not believe he will
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