Interpersonal Communication Case Study: Effective Communication And Communication

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Leadership and Communication Case Study
Effective leadership is directly related with the ability of the leaders to lead the organizational and interpersonal communication, working on its development. The leader designs not only his interaction with other employees, but also with people, who interact within the company. He needs to live and work in conditions of the phenomenon of group dynamics. Effective leadership is impossible without effective communication. This subject is studied at the junction of several interrelated disciplines (management, psychology, conflict resolution, etc.). The purpose of this paper is to determine the relationship of leadership and communication and to suggest an effective leadership strategy to Williams` company.
Critical Thinking
The special role of the leader in the management of communication (both within the organization and among its members, who communicate
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Formal communication involves the interaction of subjects performing social roles within the official and public duties. Informal communication is focused on the maintenance and development of relations, the solution of personal problems and group dynamics. In this case, the connection of a formal communication and informal will be the suitable solution. The effectiveness of cooperation and mutual supplement of formal and informal communication networks will largely determine the efficiency of the organization and leadership effectiveness (Froschheiser, n.d.).
As we can see in the case study, the lack of formal information has a strong impact on the informal communication network. The transfer of official information through an informal network leads to a distortion of this information (Hackman & Johnson, 2004, p. 16-17). Failure in the informal communication functions of informing employees on the key issues of life causes harmful interference in coordinating the work of the

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