Interpersonal Communication Com 200

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Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Benjamin M. Phelps
COM 200
Mrs. Joyce Walther
October 4, 2010

Communication in Interpersonal Relationships Today many people still lack the ability to communicate effectively with in interpersonal relationships. It is through cooperation and collaboration that effective communication occurs. By analyzing and studying the communication process we can improve our ability to communicate effectively between one another.
To have a successful interpersonal relationship one must first interact with others, which is called interpersonal communication (Hybels & Weaver, 2007). Recognizing emotions in other is a very important first step to building a relationship. If you can’t feel what
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Moving on to the next steps of forming an interpersonal relationship would be our motives for communicating. We are motivated to form relationships for many different reasons such as, pleasure, affection, inclusion, escape, relaxation, control and health (Hybels, 2007).
If an individual is motivated by pleasure he or she might just want someone to go to the movies or discuss politics with. Maybe we might be motivated by affection; many people are looking for someone to give them attention; a “pat on the back” or a little kiss every now and then. Many marriages end in divorce because of the lack of affection from their partner, but if they could have communicated effectively to each other that they needed more affection the relationship might not have ended. No matter what might motivate us, once we have started developing a relationship we have to decide how much of our selves we want to disclose to the relationship and at what point in the relationship.
Self- disclosure is a process in which one person tells another person something he or she would not reveal to just anyone (Hybels, 2007). Self-disclosure is not simply providing information to another person. Instead, scholars define
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