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The following morning, I sleep until eight. I check my messages before breakfast. Thom’s assistant has left me a text: “Sarah’s gone into early labor. Need you here in the office if possible. Let me know ASAP.” She left the message an hour ago. I text her: “Be there in thirty minutes.” I rush to shower, grab a granola bar and head into the office pronto. Sarah’s assistant, Megan, meets with me. I settle into the office, and we go over Sarah’s schedule for the week. Some of Sarah’s meetings Megan will cancel. The others on the books for a while I keep. When we’re done, I sigh. “Wow, her schedule is full.” “You’ll do fine,” she says, and leaves to take a call. Her personality is no nonsense. She and I will get along well. …show more content…

And, all too soon, his assistant interrupts. He has a call. “Come by on your way out,” he says, and rushes out and down the hall. Thom’s office is close to Sarah’s, though, not within earshot. Megan’s sits outside my office in a cubicle. She speaks in low tones, and has a professional demeanor. I’m happy that Sarah’s office, mine for now, is spacious and private. Quite different from the one I had at my prior job. There’s much to prepare for a writer’s meeting tomorrow. Megan has left Sarah’s script notes to review and his script. I close the door, and start reading both. It’s nearly seven o’clock. I stop by Thom’s office before I leave. His door is open, and Keri’s not around, so I walk in unannounced. “So, how was your first day in the office?” he asks, and pulls out the chair for me. Then, he walks behind his desk, and takes a seat. When he gazes into my eyes, I have only positive news. “Megan’s been terrific. I’m up to speed with Sarah’s schedule. And I have my first writer’s meeting tomorrow with Sergio.” “Cool. Sergio is a mellow writer, unlike some of the others. Your meeting will go fine,” he says. “I’m sure… although, there are few issues I want to pass by …show more content…

I’m confident that Thom will fill in the details where I can’t. How strange that with only one day on the job, it feels as if I was never unemployed. I grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator, and go over my notes. Excellent writing is not easy to find. Sarah has scripts in development I would have passed on, though, I can be too opinionated. It got me into trouble with Jonathan. Better to lay low while I’m here. At the end of the workday, I drive home exhausted. I bump into Doris outside our apartment building. She and Bianca are out for their nightly walk. “I miss seeing you lately,” she says. “I miss you too.” And explain that I’ve been working with Thom at his production company. Her face lights up, when I mention how I ran into him at Shutters. She asks about Malcolm. “Lily’s staying with him while she undergoes chemo.” “She’s family and he should be there for her.” She’s right, though her words irritate me. I wonder about Lily’s boyfriend. Where does he fit in with the family? Or is he gone from her life forever? Anyway, I let it go and ask Doris to join me and Gordon on Sunday morning for a bike

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