Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Interpersonal Communication Eugenia Kleist July 1, 2013 BSHS/385 Dr. A. Marie Davis Interpersonal communication involves the relationship between two people and how they communicate with one another. There are many different types of relationships that people have with others. Each different type of relationship requires different types of communication. Not every relationship is the same and the way people communicate with one another is a very important aspect of how the relationship works. Interpersonal communication is impacted by emotions and at times these emotions can cause obstacles within relationships. Another important aspect of a relationship is one’s cultural beliefs.…show more content…
If they allow their relationships to become too personal this could actually harm the progress of the client. Non- verbal expression is just as important when working with clients. The way one shows their emotions is obvious to many people. If one acts bored a client may feel they are not being heard. Some people suffer from dyssemia which is the inability to read non-verbal messages or even how to send them. This affliction can cause issues and therapists need to be aware of this condition as well. There are three obstacles that can possibly effect emotional communication. Societal and cultural customs, our society teaches us what is and is not appropriate to express emotionally. Fear, when you express emotions, you are putting yourself in a position of vulnerability, so it can be natural to fear how people will react to your expressions(Forbes, 2012). Inadequate interpersonal skills the lack of interpersonal skills can make it difficult to be able to express one's feelings as well. One must take steps to better control their emotions and learning how to do this is an important task for any therapist. First one must understand their feelings, they need to be able to describe their feelings and be able to address and handle anger. Anger is one emotion that can cause the most distress in any relationship. Many times a client is full of anger and this can cause for a hostile relationship
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