Interpersonal Communication Film Analysis: the Break Up

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Fatima Hawkins Professor Amber Koeckritz CST 110 7 April 2016 Interpersonal Communication Film Analysis While any relationship can be difficult, romantic ones seem to be the most complicated. Interpersonal communication can be defined in many ways but is usually described as communication among those in a close relationship (Alberts 189). The Break Up is a perfect movie that will show examples of the definitions used. Individuals initiate relationships with those they see as attractive, while physical appearance is critical in forming a relationship so is a mental and the ability to communicate effectively. When initiating a potential romantic relationship flirting comes in many forms. Ambiguous flirting isn’t overt or obvious…show more content…
She was attracted to his sense of humor and his assertiveness. The last primary force would be similarity meaning a degree to which people have the same values, interests, and background (Alberts 192). Think about a friend or spouse and their personalities, beliefs, and interests and think how much in common each have with one another. A lack of communication between two people that occurs for a long period of time will most likely result in a huge confrontation or a complete separation of the relationship. Developing effective communication is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship (Alberts 202). Feeling like one person does more than the other can lead to unnecessary arguments if one feels the other isn’t portraying active participation in the relationship enhancement. Another theory that comes to mind is Equity theory which argues that rather than focusing purely on rewards and costs, people are more interested in achieving fairness (Alberts 194). This theory helps explain that both people who are under benefitted and those who are over benefitted may feel dissatisfied with their relationship (Alberts 195). To better explain under benefitted, an example would be when Brooke felt as though she was being taken granted when she screamed, “I worked hard all day cleaning, then cooking the meal and worked all day long, it would be nice if you said thank you and helped me with the dishes.”
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