Interpersonal Communication In Health And Social Care

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People deal with a lot of things in their life whether it is professional or personal. I had an incident in my life that was a professional matter; in the pass when I was working at a caregiving facilities. I had to learn how to deal with mental patients and also the workers. When dealing with the mental patients I had to learn their behavior. I had to figure out how they work with other and what triggered there behaviors. Some of my patients that you didn’t have to do anything with; besides make sure they care for their self properly and reminded them to do thing here and there. I also had some that I had to do hands on and go step by step on the things that they needed to do. A lot of times with patient that you had to remind to do something…show more content…
As that did not sit well with them and that’s where the problem comes in at; that’s when the behaviors and attitudes would kick in out of nowhere. Once the behavior would then begin you would want to find the best way possible to get it under control. You would have to let the patient know that you are only there to help them not to tell them what to do and a lot of times it wasn’t that easy. One incident I had with one of my patients; I asked her to clean her room because according to companies’ standards her room was not up to part. So the other staff and I then walk her through her room and explained to her everything that needed to be done. She then decided to tell us she was not doing it and that’s what we were there to get paid for. I then explain that we were there to only assist her with things that she needed assistance with. She then said well that can wait because she was ready to go and that she has plans. As I then explain that the things on the list must be completed before she can go anywhere as I walked away I then saw her begin to get angry. As went into Behavior mode her other staff and I stood by to calm her down and make sure she was not harming
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