Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication And Communication

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You know that feeling of home whether it’s with family members or even your loved ones? I don’t think that home is something that is automatically there, I believe that it is something that’s created. I learned that lesson through the eyes of one of my older friends who came from India with his brother when he was 16 in order to make a living. My friend Vikas, told me everything he had to do and the struggles he conquered in order to make his own successful business here in the U.S. Some things he told be reminded me of interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and intracultural communication. He had to have a lot of communication with his friend who also happened to be from India and some new friends and colleagues he met through his journey. Of course there was homesickness and the occasional depression, but that didn’t stop him from creating his now successful business. The reason he came to America was that he wasn’t financially stable over there back home. “I was so desperate and determined to get out of my own country, my own home, in order to make a better life for me.” Those words kept replaying in my head, but “home” was the words that made me think deeply. He had to leave all of that, all his family, his own haven, in order to make a better living. I could interpret all of that because of our interpersonal communication. I could actually feel his pain by the way his eyes were looking away, the little pauses in between meant that he was trying to
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