Interpersonal Communication Is An Effective Communicator

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Verderber, K, Verderber, R and Berryman-Fink, C. 2010, stated that interpersonal communication is, “The process through which people create and manage their relationships, exercising mutual responsibility in creating meaning.” (Pg. 5) To be an effective communicator, it is vital that the person possesses and practices effective interpersonal/communicational skills. Over this semester, important interpersonal skills have been developed through a series of six workshops and assessed in two pieces of assessment. First position, second position and third position skills were performed. This reflective essay provides a critical analysis of my interpersonal skills developmental process of the three skills listed above; including my strengths, weakness and improvements.
When in the receiving position of a conversation, the main aim is to retrieve information from the sender in an understandable and cohesive way; which ultimately creates a meaningful connection between the two people. There are a number of skills involved in effective listening. Bebe, S, Redmond, M. 2009, proposed that, “Listening is a complex process of selecting, attending to, constructing meaning from, remembering, and responding to verbal and non-verbal messages.” (Pg.66) certain skills such as: following, empathetic or active listening, questioning and reflection of feeling and content are also required to be an effective listener. In workshop one, the skills of attending and non-verbal communication
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