Interpersonal Communication On A Daily Base

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Society sees interpersonal communication on a daily base. The question might be what is interpersonal communication, is there conflict, and where we experience it. Communication skills are developed to enhance or improve with the increased knowledge and practice. Today’s world with various forms of communication is ideal to have a superb interpersonal skill.

Tough Interpersonal communication is an exchange of information between two or more people. Furthermore, the uncertainty theory comes from the sociopsychological perspective. It addresses the basic process of how we gain knowledge about other people. According to the theory people have difficulty with uncertainty, they want to be able to predict behavior and therefore they are
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This theory is according to (Homans, George C. (1958). "Social Behavior as Exchange". ). Also the theory state that “human interaction is like an economic transaction, in that you may seek to maximize rewards and minimize costs. You will reveal information about yourself when the cost-rewards ratio is acceptable to you.” An exemplary example would be a boy gives information to the girl he’s interested in, so that in a way they can bond. For example, in movies when a man is telling the activities he’s interested in to in exchange receive to know the same answer from the girl to her referring to what activities she’s interested in. Individuals desire a sense of assurance and predictability in the interpersonal relationships they are a part of, similar to the example of the boy and girl exchanging the activities they’re interested in. However, they also desire to have a variety in their interactions that come from having spontaneity and mystery within their relationships as well. Much research has shown that relationships which become bland and, monotonous are not desirable. In close interpersonal relationships, individuals may often feel a pressure to reveal personal information as of a relationship with a loved one, for example a girlfriend or boyfriend, and or husband or wife. Although it can cause the inverse effect, for example the tension may also spawn a natural desire to keep an amount of
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