Interpersonal Communication Problems Essay

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Interpersonal Communication Problems

Over the telephone my boss gives me an instruction. I hear it, give my recognition, hang up then realize that I am not clear on exactly what it is that I am to do. Something about the proper way to add up my hours is the basic message, but the way she has explained it is not clear to me. Yet. As far as she is concerned, every word she spoke, that is, the way she described her instructions, was perfectly spelled out. She sits in her office confident that her explanation is clear, while I sit behind my desk like some detective trying to solve this great mystery. Although I understood every word she spoke, what she spoke does not register. No eureka bells are setting off. I have trouble decoding her
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Even Chandler himself proposes that "communication is about meaning rather than information . . . and information and meaning arises only in the process of listeners, readers or viewers actively making sense of what they hear or see," meaning effective communication is relative, debatable, up in the air. On the other hand, contemporary communication theorists claim that individual thoughts and feelings do not play a role in communication because even "our language isn't our own. Words have connotations we don't choose for them. An emphasis on creative individuality is itself a culturally-shaped myth . . . "

This kind of logic seems to define human communication as being uniform and unchanging, like that of fish or birds who seem to react and act as a collective. That is, they seem to have socialized maneuvers and/or means of communication. Consider the way birds and fish move in unison. In groups, they switch directions simultaneously as though it is just understood that that is what they do in that situation at that very moment. Likewise, the contemporary theorists treat human "communication as a shared social system." Whatever it is that one communicates to another, because the meaning of the words being used are set, the point being communicated is undoubtedly transparent. There should be
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