Interpersonal Communication Reflection

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According to (DeVito, 2016, p. 2), “Your personal success and happiness depend largely on your effectiveness as an interpersonal communicator”, and I am no exception to this concept. While exploring some of the things that I have learned about me as it pertains to interpersonal communication, I will investigate reasons why it is necessary for me to study interpersonal communication. Furthermore, I will analyze different situations that I have encountered while conversing in everyday life in relation to the following key points; perception of self and others, verbal and nonverbal messages, listening, emotional messages, and conversational messages. Finally, suggestions will be given as learned from the key points taught throughout the course as far as, what can be done to improve my interpersonal communication skills. Throughout the Interpersonal Communications course I have learned that I am in much need of interpersonal communication skills which are vital to creating and maintaining relationships both at home and in a professional environment.

Interpersonal Communication Report
I could use improvements as far as communicating with family, friends and at work. “The more you know about interpersonal communication, the more insight and knowledge you’ll gain about what works and what doesn’t work”, (DeVito, 2016, p. 3). Since the start of this class I have noticed that communication is very important to having successful relationships. When I am with my family or friends it seems too often that I am the one who has absolutely nothing to say. This type behavior is also evident in situations during professional encounters, where I sometimes make no suggestions but rather must be probed to engage in professional conversations. I usually say nothing during meetings unless I am the one running the meeting or asked to voice my opinion when I am not in charge of the meeting. As I look back on different past situations, I can see where interpersonal communication would have been very useful.
In my personal life interpersonal communication has been a challenge for me and those around me as far as improving upon family relations, maintaining relationships with friends, making new friends. Usually I am compared to my
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