Interpersonal Communication Reflection

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Throughout the Oral and Interpersonal Communication course my fellow classmates and I were required to present on a variety of subjects. For the most part, we were adept when it came to our subjects since we had a general understanding of them, but not enough to be considered true expects. Because of this, I found that the 5th guideline Celeste Headlee outlined related closely to my experiences in the class. In this point, Celeste noted that if a person does not have enough experience to answer a question or make a statement authoritatively on a given topic, then they should admit that they are not an expert or pass it on to someone who is. With this in mind, during the persuasive and informational presentation questions were asked that the presenters simply couldn’t answer. Consequently, the presenters understood when they couldn’t give an answer since they no longer had any references to back them up. From a learning perspective, I also appreciated this point since it reinforced the importance of accurately referencing the sources of the information I used. If I personally do not have enough knowledge of a subject, then the best thing I can do is correctly reference someone who does. Using this model, and the APA citation style we practiced in class, there is significantly more credence behind what I am presenting or saying because it is backed by facts that anyone can look up from my sources. Also, this rule is very important to me outside of class since I work
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