Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper

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In this new school year, I come to the HKBU College of international education for studying. I find my first new friend in here, a girl who called Evelyn. And my topic of this reflective paper is about the relationship between my new friend Evelyn and me. I met Evelyn on 17th September, my first school day in CIE. I remembered that was Evelyn says hi to me first and she sit next to me. This situation really applies the self-fulfilling prophecy I learnt in my IPC lesson. It is because I have asked Evelyn that why she would chose to say hi to me but not the others. She answers that it is because she predicts me is friendly at first. Then she acted as if I was a friendly person. As she acts toward me, I become comfortable and friendly. At…show more content…
During the communication, we can both get the feedback from the others and we will share our opinions. However, the interpersonal communication concept I can mostly applied in our communication is the Gender Communication. It is because our range of talking topic is really large. I remembered that there is a day I go shopping with Evelyn and a friend who is a boy. The topics we talked are jumping and jumping. We discuss at the clothes first, and then when I saw the yogurt, we change the topic to food suddenly. If I have a phone call, I still can listen to Evelyn then catch up the conversation after I finished the call. It really shows that women are multitrack, we can talk about several subjects at the same time. But our boy friend becomes confused from our conversation. Therefore, he will let us keep our talking continue. If he has any question from our conversation, he will ask us. Up to now, I think the relationship between Evelyn and me is developed quite well. Everything is good, at least we still not yet have conflict. And I will find some method to prevent the conflict happen in the future. I will have both empathic, objective and active listening from every conversation with Evelyn. Keep using the S-O-F-T-E-N formula with my friend every day. Also, I will try my best to apply more Adult self but not the Parent self. I will
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