Interpersonal Communication Relationship Analysis Essay

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Interpersonal Communication May 19, 2011 Relationship Analysis When this assignment was given out, I instantly knew exactly what relationship I wanted to analyze: my ex-boyfriend’s and my relationship. It might sound like an odd relationship to choose, seeing as he is an ex, and it might not sound like a good starting point, but let me first say he is one of my best friends right now. Our relationship began like very few relationships do, on Facebook. In June of 2009, after I had been accepted into a Fall 2009 freshman class, a boy said hello in a message and a 4-page paper could not even touch the surface of our relationship in those past 2 years, but I will do my best to explain as much as possible. Over the next few months, the…show more content…
I had issues with being intimate, especially PDA because I had never had a boyfriend, let alone held a boy’s hand in public. He is the exact opposite: loves to give and receive hugs, will hold his (girl) best friend’s hand in public, gives people kisses on the cheek, and the list goes on. My discomfort with intimacy and his unwillingness to understand that proved very problematic and caused a lot of strain on our relationship. According to an article by Carolyn Bernie (2010), “…the presence of intimacy (but not sexual intimacy) was associated with greater perceived relationship quality…”(Vol. 71, pg 45). Now that I am more comfortable with being intimate, not necessarily sexually intimate, but doing things like holding hands, and kissing, and more, I realize how important it can be to a relationship, especially to someone who is a naturally intimate person. However, I did not realize this until long after so back and forth the arguing went until we reached the breaking point and I decided to end it. Our fight only lasted a few weeks though, as both of us broke down saying we missed each other, and ended up dating again a month later. After more arguing, a jealous girl lying about him cheating on me, and the buildup of freshman year stress, we broke up again a few weeks before summer. This fight again only lasted a short time before we made up, but only to become friends. Over the summer we talked but I was very hesitant
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