Interpersonal Communication Skill Of Feedback

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The interpersonal communication skill of feedback is essential for hospital nurses to give a suitable care to each patient because it enables the nurses to learn, and improve their motivation, performance and efficiency that assist to achieve their goal which is to help the patients heal. The interpersonal communication skill of feedback is a system of conveying information between two people regarding the receiver’s performance (Baker et al. 2013). In general, feedback is employed to deliver information about interim objectives and recent behaviour or performance, and to guide individuals on expected enhancement and outcomes for the organisation (Baker et al. 2013). Receiving feedback provides individuals with information on their strengths and weaknesses, which allow them to have an opportunity to build self-improvement plans if the individuals are willing to change their behaviour or performance (De Janasz et al. 2014). Suitable feedback within an organisation results in positive behaviour changes which improve efficiency of the organisation (Baker et al. 2013). There is evidence showing that supportive feedback employments promote improved openness to feedback, increased feedback-seeking behaviour, and inspiration to use feedback and change performance behaviour (Baker et al. 2013). When nurses identify feedback as a helpful resource that can enhance the quality of care, feedback can lead to an outstanding advancement promoting the nurses’ well-being (Giesbers et al.
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