Interpersonal Communication Skills And The Math Class

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Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) observed in the math class. One of the first examples where I noticed BICS taking place was at the beginning of class time. As the students set up their desks and chalk boards, they were all loudly conversy about whatever they deemed fit. This is considered a BICS because the students were interpersonally conversing within the classroom about subjects related and unrelated to the math class with one another. For example, This BICS example was cognitively undemanding due to the open-ended conversations, and no pressure from the teacher. This was also context embedded because the students had each other to discuss their first mathematical problem, and whatever they pleased. This was just one of the many BICS observed. There were several Basic Another BICS observed was when the students were working on math problems on thier own chalk boards. A majority of the students were working through their math problems out loud, and occationally ask each other questions about the math problem. An example of this would be, "." These examples are considered BICS because they were not only working on their own, but with their classmates talking through it out loud. This BICS seemed to lean more towards the context reduced because these seemed to be new mathmatical problems they were working on per request from the teacher. It was still BICS because the students had each other at own desk group to interpersonally work
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