Interpersonal Communication Skills

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1.1 Introduction or background of the study
Universities are being challenged to provide high quality and productive human resources. Such challenges must be an impact of increased global competition and the pressure of diminishing resource. The participation of students in group discussion has been accepted as an effective strategy because it is the place for the students to implement their interpersonal communication skill in order to improve their leadership skills.
Group discussion is the place which provides the opportunities for the students to negotiate meaning and manipulate
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This research reveals the benefits of interpersonal communication skills and how interpersonal communication skills can help to improve student’s communication skills. Trist (1983), believe that complex problems require input from many different disciplines and collaborative model has been widely and enthusiastically adopted from all levels of education in much of Western World. Through this research the students will realize how interpersonal communication skills are a necessity for all level of…show more content…
The main purpose of this research is to analyze the usage of interpersonal communication skills among students. There have been many studies conducted to prove the importance of interpersonal communication in group discussion. Interpersonal communication skills that students use during their group discussion is the key element in the development of students’ leadership skills as it will be beneficial for them in future. Besides, there are limited studies regarding skills that are most effective and most essential in improving student’s both verbal and nonverbal communication
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