Interpersonal Communication Skills Test On Communication

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I took the Interpersonal Communication Skills Test on “”. It seemed relevant to my work as a counselor since I will be communicating with clients on a daily basis. The goal of this test is to determine how effectively someone communicates with others, as well as to offer beneficial advice in order to improve any problems one may have that could slow down the communication process. This test is a valuable instrument for employees in the counseling profession since it is a career of constant growth. It also seems useful in several other careers that rely on constant communication. This particular communication skills test was designed to examine insightfulness, verbal expression, assertiveness, listening skills, and emotional management. A couple examples of the test questions include: “I can detect the mood of others by looking at them as we converse” and “I manage to express my ideas clearly”. A Likert scale is used in the scoring process with answers ranging from “Almost never” to “Most of the time”. One negative aspect of this test is its reliability on self-reports. It can be difficult to admit to your communication weaknesses, especially if you are unaware of them. “From negotiating for a promotion to resolving a conflict with a spouse, good communication skills can greatly improve life, while weak communication skills can make everyday interactions frustrating and tense. Interpersonal communication encompasses a number of communication styles; there
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