Interpersonal Communication Styles Examined in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Throughout the semester, we have been introduced to many topics related to interpersonal communication. I have come to believe that these concepts have allowed me to better understand interactions that occur in our daily lives. My knowledge of these concepts was challenged when asked to relate these notions to a movie. During the time that I was watching the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I realized myself grasping onto what was going on and being able to relate certain scenes and situations to topics I had previously learned about. Interactions in My Big Fat Greek Wedding display concepts of conflict and politeness theory, which can be pointed out in a few specific scenes.
During the movie, I found that these concepts that were taught
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These guidelines can all help lessen a conflict.
Conflict was displayed in two specific scenes of the movie. The first scene was when Toula?s parents are arguing about Toula going to school (Appendix A). Her father feels she should not go to school because girls don?t need to, and that she is fine doing what she is doing; working at the family restaurant. Her mother on the other hand, feels that Toula should go to school if that is what she wants. They go back and forth until Toula?s mom walks out. This argument is started because they both have different things they want. She ends the argument with a sarcastic comment, and it doesn?t get settled. Throughout their argument, neither of the two used any of the guidelines for conflict that we had learned about. Perhaps if guidelines were used the argument would not have ended on a bad note. Using such guidelines such as clarifying goals or using constructive criticism might have prevented the argument to begin with.

Another scene that shows an example of conflict was when Toula?s parents find out she is seeing a man who happens to not be Greek. Ian Miller (her boyfriend) and Toula?s father are arguing in the dining room, while Toula and her mother sit in the kitchen listening. The conflict begins because both Toula?s father and her boyfriend want different things. Toula?s father does not want Toula to have a boyfriend, while Ian wants to continue to see Toula. Like the first conflict, two people

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