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Interpersonal Communications As social animals, relationships play a huge role in every individual’s life. They shape one’s life at the micro and macro level. This means that relationships can be made up of a bond between two people or a bond that is as large as a connection between entire societies. While it is important to understand the full range of how relationships affect one’s life, it is essential that each relationship type gets the full attention that it deserves. One of the types of relationships that is most common in the United States is known as “friends with benefits.” This “friends with benefits” type of relationship is a complex relationship that is typically grouped with another type that is known as casual hook…show more content…
Now that we know the difference between hooking up and a friends with benefits relationship we can go into detail on this type of interaction. Friends with benefits, in its essence, is an agreement between two people who are friends and are attracted to one another, so much so, that they are able to have an on-going sexual relationship without any demands or expectations. Because both participants were friends before any sexual activities took place, they hold a type of respect and compassion towards one another which neither person would want to mistreat. This is why this type of relationship requires a lot of pre-sex discussion and setting of boundaries. This agreement allows BOTH participants to be aware that they are only having sex together to compensate each other’s lack of affection from elsewhere and sexual needs. This is convenient sex with no commitment. Other ground rules are discussed such as being open to see other people without jealousy issues, who will be allowed to know about the arrangement, and whether it will continue into any other relationship one or the other may want in the future. The main reason why this relationship is so tricky is because there is a bond between both people. These two people do care for one another and enjoy each other just not as much as a romantic relationship.

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