Interpersonal Conflict Management

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It is believed that all conflict is bad, it creates tension, destruction of working relationships and reduces productivity. Therefore, it should be eliminated by all means. This understanding is not correct. Some conflicts are unavoidable in all organizations, because it is associated with the struggle for existence and development of the organization.

All individuals and organizations perform the environment which requires competition for limited resources, include of financial resources and information resources, etc.... In other words, in this environment both organizations and individuals have to accept change and develop to adapt the environment. The limited resources have created some level of conflicts, such as
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This company operates in the field of education and training. We have a lot of training courses, focus on students and organizations.
This is a small company whose structure contains three main parts as below diagram:

Figure : Structure of ASK company

The administration department is in charge of administrative task and accounting.
Program developing department is responsible for sales & marketing department as well because main sales forms are Telesales and consulting programs to clients.
The company is managed as family style. There is no clear separation between the level of manager and staff. To create a comfortable and flexible working environment staff is managed by objectives without any constraint of time. This model of management operates effectively in the first phase of the company. However, in the development of the organization, this model becomes incompatible. It requires the company managers to apply another suitable management model.


The expansion and development require ASK Company to recruit new staff. The managers face difficulty in managing their staff when the number of employees increases.

In December 2010, the company decided to apply new management policy for all employees. A series of new regulations about the position, salary, bonus, working time,...were issued. This new policy was not positively responded by the employees. Moreover, it leaded to the conflict between the managers and their
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