Interpersonal Conflict Research Paper

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A and B) Back when I just started to immigrate in the U.S., there is one scenario where I came across an interpersonal conflict. Back then, I am still a religious person for that is how my family raise me. I met a group of American students in college where they have a different religion than mine. I am Catholic, they are Christians. I started to question their belief. They started to question my belief as well. Conflict arise and we went into a heated debate. After a long discussion, neither both of us are satisfied with the answers. It is a never ending argument nobody is willing to give in. It took me a long time to realize that people have different views and perspectives in life and not just what I believe in is right.
C.) In a Micro-frame context, a factor that influence the conflict I experience is the culture orientation. Interdependent orientation where the self is understood as relational and conflict is seen as part of life (Sorrells 203).Philippines is largely a catholic country which mean that citizens that live there including me believe this is the only religion that is accepted. On the other hand, U.S. have a diversity in religion which makes citizens more aware of different perspectives.In a Mezo-frame context, I believe ethnocentrism and power imbalance contributed to
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Process of critical analysis, reflection and action for effective communication (Sorrells 220). The conflict I experience on religion made me interested on getting to know other beliefs and as a result made me realize that there is more to be known. The conflict I had with those american students actually convinced me that my religion before is constricting. It took me sometime to finally accept other views for I believe that the society I lived in brainwashed me to believe this is the only way. I know for a fact that I have change the my views and I am more open-minded as of
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