Interpersonal Conflict Scenario Paper

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Interpersonal Conflict that are presented in the scenario are that Mr. Jones is having a difficult time with a certain student who is in special education. The issue is that Mr. Jones is unable to engage the student when teaching in the classroom. Mr. Jones is trying to find a solution where he can assist the child in becoming engaged academically and behavioral. In addition Ms. Claire, the assistance principal is not in favor of the other team member’s suggestions in resolving the conflict. The conflict management styles used by the key characters were comprehensive problem solving steps. Each person participated in coming up with a solution by discussing and brainstorming the problem. The majority of the people Mr. Kiernan, Mr. Carson…show more content…
Jones posed a straight forward problem that should have not been complicated for the team. For example Ms. Jones knows that he can’t get the student to be engaged. So the teacher need discuss how they are going to get the student engaged in the classroom. The problem solving process is that Ms. Claire used legal implication as to why certain the plan for problem solving would not work. Mr. Kiernan wanted to incorporate everyone suggestions, however Ms. Claire was not agreeing with the problem solving.
Ms. Claire stated that “specifically cited legal implications and time constraints.” The time constraint indicates that the problem solving would have to be reactive problem solving. Reactive Problem Solving is when “you are faced with responding to a crisis or dilemma that requires attention and action in a relatively brief time frame.” Since the time is limited, I would suggest that the principle use accommodating using collaboration using the other teachers. Mr. Kiernan and Mr. Carson would be an ideal teacher to collaborate with because Mr. Kiernan is experienced in teaching general
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Jones can help is student to be engaged in the classroom. The teams will consists of the teacher who are expert in a certain field. In this case, Mr. Carson, a special education teacher and the counselor will have more knowledge of the student’s disability, so Ms. Jones can collaborate with them to help him find different strategies that will help him engage the student. Mr. Jones can speak to Mr. Carson about how the disability affects the students when it comes to learning. According to Jones, educating students about their disability can help them understand why they need to be engaged and finding out what the child learning style can make a difference can make learning more rewarding for them. From the child’s learning style the special education teacher is able to design specialized instruction that will accommodate the student. If the student is a visual learner, then teacher can incorporate pictures or different diagrams to help the student be engaged. (Jones,
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