Interpersonal Conflict in Television  Essay

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Interpersonal Conflict in Television Seth Crozier COM200: Interpersonal Communication December 28, 2015 Elaine Phompheng In this show I believe there are many situations where there are indications of interpersonal conflict. In the episode that I watched, it touched on quite a few conflicts that were very easy to catch after reading the chapters. As we saw in Chapter 8, extending social support to another, can backfire and make things worse if the person in need does not view it as being helpful or sees it as a form of over support (Bevan, Sole, 2014). There is one specific case in particular that I would like to discuss in this essay. The relationship between two…show more content…
Upon finding his father's friends home they are shocked to find out he’s not there and was taken by an ambulance a few hours earlier. They weren’t able to get any help figuring out what ambulance it was besides what color it was. Gibbs tells his father that they might not be able to find him and his father gets really upset and tells Gibbs’ to just take him home. At the morgue, Gibbs and Ducky (Gibbs’ best friend) talk about how painful it is to watch a parent age. Gibbs doesn't understand how to handle the fact that his father lied about very important matters. Ducky encourages him to keep trying to talk with his dad. Then Gibbs and his father sit down and discuss everything openly even though it seems very argumentative. I think that’s just the kind of characteristics they have when they communicate. When Gibbs tells his father that he knows there was no Walter Beck, (the friend his father wants him to meet) in his squadron, Gibbs’ father tells him that Walter was German. Gibbs is furious that his father never mentioned that Beck was German, and Jackson points out that even though they were enemies, they were both pilots, and brothers in the sky. Beck wants to see the one man he saved instead of the many that he killed as a Nazi. Interpersonal conflicts are a type of argument or dispute between two individuals in any given relationship.

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