Essay about Interpersonal Effectiveness

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Amongst the stronger areas for me out of the four components of interpersonal effectiveness are emotional intelligence, ethnics, and competence. Mindfulness is a weak area for me. I’m not completely mindless, but it wouldn’t hurt working on being more mindful in some situations. I have been told my whole life what a wonderful listener I am. How I’m such a people’s person and how I was born to be a Psychiatrist. In a nutshell, I am pretty comfortable with being aware of my emotions and keeping them in check as well as being fully aware of other’s emotions as well. In addition, I not only keep my eyes on the prize, I don’t lose focus on my relationships with the desired people in my life.
While needing improvement in the mindfulness
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The client became irate and very agitated. These particular clients may become very dangerous. So I decided to come to her aid and I calmly asked what was going on and listened to the young man explain the situation. Once he saw that I was calm and trying to be understanding, he calmed also. Afterwards we both explained to my co-worker how in his country it is disrespectful for a female to talk to a male in that manner.
One thing I learned at Central State Hospital is to treat ALL people like humans! You would not believe how most of the staff treats the clients. It pains me to believe that people can be so cruel. I always try to be sympathetic and empathetic to my clients.
I think I was effective in this situation because I kept my emotions in check, but was still aware of the emotions of the ones around me. By me knowing the young man’s background a little, it made it easier for me to react accordingly and explain to my co-worker about how the young man has different morals than us.

To be ethical in interpersonal communication to me is to not think of everything in black and white. When being put in different situations where morality and ethics come into play we have to not judge everyone from our standards. We must keep in mind that people have different backgrounds and may have been reared differently. Therefore, what we feel is ethical or morally correct may be
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