Interpersonal Effectiveness

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There are four components to interpersonal effectiveness, which are competence, emotional intelligence, ethics, and mindfulness. Competence is the ability to accomplish set goals. In order to feel as if one is competent, I believe motivation is a huge factor that can cause a decrease in competence. At this point in my life, I am definitely questioning my competence. I feel a complete lack of effectiveness and my motivation does tend to waiver according to my constantly changing moods (Bipolar Disorder). I know that I can accomplish the things that I put my mind to, however my contingency perspectives are lacking. Maintaining focus and motivation have become daily struggles for me. Emotional intelligence is the ability to…show more content…
It is the ability to focus on the present moment, surroundings, and one's own actions. Mindfulness is a key component to DBT. I honestly have to work on this one as well because I do have a tendency of allowing past events dictate how I react in the present, which can be detrimental on relationships. Too often I get stuck dwelling in the past on events and how I handled them. I find myself wishing to have a "re-do" too many times that I become completely oblivious to the present. My partner agrees with my assessment of this interpersonal skill. Upon taking the Maetrix Emotional Intelligence Assessment, I scored the highest in social awareness and low on self awareness. I agree with these results. I find that I'm a very empathetic person. I have been through much in my life and so understanding others is much easier for me. I also find that I'm not a very judgmental person. It basically comes down to that I can easily understand others but lack understanding of myself. How do these tenets affect my personal, academic, and professional life? Really I find that there's almost a cascade or domino effect. I find that my competence is lacking in my personal life because of my daily struggle with motivation. I'm definitely not a lazy person at all, but I do operate better with a list of expectations for the day in order for my momentum to keep
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