Interpersonal Essay Based on a Movie

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Introduction “Men and women can't be friends, because sex always gets in the way”, is the main theme of the movie “When Harry met Sally”. The script is a good example of the interpersonal communication ten stage model by Mark Knapp. This developmental model entails the stages of a relationship from it’s infancy to an ending. In the movie we can clearly identify all ten stages of this model. Stage # 1 - Initiating According to the Knapp model, the beginning of every relationship—especially an intimate, romantic or close friendship—begins with the initiation stage. This stage involves the initial contact with another person. In the movie the stage of initiation begins when Harry and Sally meet for the first time and prepare to share a…show more content…
Harry asks Sally if she would like to spend the night at a motel. This dialogue leads to an interesting point of view that men and women in general cannot be friends. However, this stage is not fully developed at this point but has helped them both as a foundation for later encounters. The scene ends with the arrival to New York City. Many years later they meet again on several occasions but the intensifying stage does not resume until they finally become friends and share details about their past failed relationships. During this period they start spending a considerable amount of time together and their expression of feelings toward the other becomes more intense. We see the beginnings of a true interpersonal relationship development. Stage # 4 - Integrating If a relationship strengthens the integration stage begins. During this stage there is a sense of unity and belonging. In the movie as their friendship grows, the integration stage begins at a New Year’s Eve party where they dance together and they recognize that what they feel is more than friendship. Though it takes some time for them to realize their deep feelings, from this point on they are very integrated. They feel closer than ever before, they do things together, they have fights, they get jealous with one another and they comfort each other and have sex. Stage # 6 - Differentiating Soon after integration both feel
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