Interpersonal Media Analysis

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For my Communication 101 class, our professor assigned us an assignment that makes the students keep track of all types of media they use for three consecutive days. The type of media the students should record on their log include watching television, using social media like Twitter, Snapchat, etc., and other forms of media. But, our professor also included the types of media called interpersonal media and that they should not be recorded in the log. Those type of medias were emailing, texting, and talking on the phone. After taking notes and recording the data from the past three days, I’ve noticed the number of media I have consumed each day and slowly used more and more media each day. The most media I’ve consumed from the past three days…show more content…
Media now these days are very clever and smart on how to persuade the teenagers and young adults to stay on the loop with today’s media. One example on how much I was influenced in the media I’ve consumed from advertising is through the commercials that happen on television and on YouTube before the video starts to play. The media promoted on what apps to download and how it’s one of the top picks for Apple users and how the Apple users need to download this or else they’re missing out on a good time. YouTube was the reason how I discovered Snapchat and is now my biggest addiction to use now. I feel like I’m always on Snapchat constantly and it is very unhealthy. After seeing the ad on YouTube, it made me realize how much it influenced me to download the app and use Snapchat at least 4 hours per day. Also another way of how much advertising influenced the number of media I consumed was from the little commercials on certain game apps whenever you fail a mission or unsuccessfully complete the requirement. The commercial would last about thirty seconds long but has a little video summary of the game the app is promoting to encourage the gamer to also download this game if you’re having a lot of fun using this app…show more content…
The advertisements I’ve seen the past three days all had the interests I had and was trying to persuade me to buy a specific product. For example, on YouTube it had products I recently looked at on Amazon and wanted to catch my attention and go back on Amazon to buy the product. I felt like it was a very smart intentions of Amazon to persuade me to buy the products that I recently looked at on the YouTube sidebar. I felt that the majority of my social media I use is aware of what I desire the most and what I am very interested in to the point they advertise exactly what I want and try to persuade me to buy their product or it is too late. The advertisements on my media was very close to what I desired and it actually surprised me because it was very accurate on what I liked and the type of style I was into. The advertisements that were spot on happened a lot on my Twitter feed, Instagram feed, and Facebook. And one of the advertisements on Twitter on 09/20/2016 actually caught my attention and made me stay on Twitter for 45 minutes just because of one advertisement about my favorite store I
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