Interpersonal Relations

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My Career Goals and Motivation What is a career? A career is defined as a course through life or profession, but in my case it hasn’t existed until now. My career goals are just now coming into focus. When I was younger I really did not know what a career was all I knew is I wanted a job and I usually found me one with no problem, not realizing how good of a job I was working, and that I should have been working to keep it for long as I could. My motivation back then was my family; my children to keep them feed, clothed and happy. To have a career meant going to college for 4 years and this was something I didn’t want to do, instead I opted for vocational training, which would train me in a skill in one year or less and I would…show more content…
I decided instead to work at places like M & M Mars, Bob’s Candies, Nypro and Target. These companies provided me with a steady paycheck, weather I liked the work I did or not it didn’t matter as long as I was able to work. I can now add self – satisfaction as one of the factors that motivate me, now that my family is just about grown, I need something to fulfill my time because soon they will all be on their own. With my brand new diploma I have just landed a new job with a company that I hope will help me continue to build the skills I have learned at Albany Technical College. Hopefully this position will be the start of my new career. I don’t mind starting at the bottom and working to improve myself, because I plan to keep on learning all I can. I am looking forward to following my dreams and becoming a specialist at what I have gone to school
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