Interpersonal Relationship : A Important Role

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Interpersonal relationship plays a very important role. Exchanging words and information with one another will help better a relationship. Having a whole lot of buildup can result in constant arguments, not letting one another know if there’s a problem or letting them know how they feel about a certain thing. That’s where the trust and honesty start to deteriorate, and when communication goes wrong. Listening to one another and letting each other know how they feel will prevent that from deteriorating, and that’s when trust and honesty start to come back up. If there’s a continuation there’s no way of the relationship growing. Trust and honesty must be mutual with each other to sustain the relationship. When the relationship starts to deteriorate there are clear signs of when it does. One will get bored with the other, start drifting away, dissatisfied, not happy, etc. You will notice all the common signs, basically how things use to be are not in action anymore. Sometimes you can or cannot save a relationship, depending on both if they are willing to work it out and focus on the main concern. As in the relationship it cannot just go one way it must go both, there must be two people involved not just one, if it’s only going one way the feeling isn’t mutual and there’s not much you can do about it if the other person isn’t willing to work on the relationship. That situation leads to ending the relationship. Just remember it take two to make a relationship work. It’s not
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