Interpersonal Relationship and Gatsby

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The movie The Great Gatsby has a strong focus on relationships and their development throughout the whole film. This movie has a particular relationship that I will focus on. It is between Jay Gatsby and Daisy. Their relationship is a complicated one that consists of a love triangle between three people. Now there are different stages in interpersonal relationships. I learned of the different stages from a psychologist’s webpage. His name is George Levinger and he spent time researching the different stages that go into a relationship. According to Levinger, the first stage is making an acquaintance. This is the getting to know each other stage, or the meeting and becoming friends stage. Daisy and Gatsby met when they were young…show more content…
She betrayed him one time and married someone else while he was away at war. This betrayal also had to do with money. Daisy was a very materialistic girl and she liked money. Gatsby did not have money when he got home and he told Daisy this. So she chose to marry someone with money and a title. Yet, even though years later Gatsby had more money than was imaginable, Daisy still could not trust him enough to run away and be with him. She even told Gatsby she loved him but she loved her husband too. Even though they both had trust in each other, it was not enough for it to work out.
Self-disclosure is simply placing your confidence in someone. It is when you deliberately share information about yourself with someone. This information has an importance or significance to you and is not known by others. In the movie, this is shown throughout. Gatsby told Daisy he has loved her all these years. No one knew he still wanted to marry Daisy and no one knew of his plan for Daisy to run away with him. When he told Daisy his idea, she was all for it and said she has loved him too. She also told him that she did not love her husband, that it has always been Gatsby. However, later on in the movie, she contradicts this statement. The results of them telling these things was Gatsby ended up hurt while Daisy walked away like it was nothing. I chose this movie because I really enjoyed the book. I was so excited when I
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