Interpersonal Relationships And Get Along With People Much Better

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interpersonal relationships and get along with people much better (Judge & Mount, p.532). Openness to experience is a trait that is related to someone who is more scientifically and artistically creative. These people experience the good and bad more deeply than anyone else (Judge & Mount, 2002). Agreeableness is highly related to job satisfaction. These individuals are motivated towards achieving interpersonal intimacy and are very positive. Being agreeable involves getting along with people and therefore these individuals are generally very likable. Conscientiousness individuals are thorough, careful and vigilant. They are efficient, organized and tend to complete tasks very well. This study showed that neuroticism and job satisfaction…show more content…
The same way, if an individual is coming to work, with a preoccupied mind their concentration waivers. If they are going through problem at home, or with family members, it has a enormous impact on ones performance. Another very important factor is ones job and organization environment. If a person is used to working in a quiet place and their office isn’t quiet at all, it impacts their work. The same way, the overall organization environment matters immensely. If it isn’t a serious working environment, often people who are able to work under pressure and are used to having a structured job, might find it hard to fit in. Some offices are very strict on deadlines whereas some aren’t, if an individual is used to working with strict deadlines, often when those deadlines are made flexible, they either finish the work to quick and then have nothing to do, or they adopt a very laid back attitude and end up delaying the work to much. Employers adopt certain practices to make sure that their employees are happy and satisfied with their jobs. It is very important to gain employees loyalty as people are constantly looking for new hires and if a worker feels neglected and is not satisfied with their job, they are very likely to jump ship. Employees offer a variety of benefits and compensations that often increase job satisfaction. For many workers, these benefits are key and they help

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