Interpersonal Relationships And Get Along With People Much Better

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interpersonal relationships and get along with people much better (Judge & Mount, p.532). Openness to experience is a trait that is related to someone who is more scientifically and artistically creative. These people experience the good and bad more deeply than anyone else (Judge & Mount, 2002). Agreeableness is highly related to job satisfaction. These individuals are motivated towards achieving interpersonal intimacy and are very positive. Being agreeable involves getting along with people and therefore these individuals are generally very likable. Conscientiousness individuals are thorough, careful and vigilant. They are efficient, organized and tend to complete tasks very well. This study showed that neuroticism and job satisfaction have the strongest correlation, followed by conscientiousness and extraversion. Whereas, openness to agreeableness showed a very weak correlation with job satisfaction (Judge & Mount, 2002). These results seem to match the prevalent notion of the relation to job satisfaction. Low neuroticism shows emotional stability and extraversion is a very important aspect of being a happy-go-lucky individual and therefore one would expect these individuals to be happy with their life overall and therefore would mean that they are happy with their jobs as well. (Judge & Mount, 2002). Another view states that jobs that are more challenging are associated with higher job satisfaction (Seashore & Taber, 1975). A challenging job keeps employees on their…
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