Interpersonal Relationships And Its Effects On The Family And Community

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In the contemporary world, tremendous changes have taken place in the family and community. Unlike in the past when families were united and communities inherent, today families are fragmented, and communities rare and elusive. This creates feelings of loneliness, emptiness, isolation, and boredom, and people crave for friendship, love, and connectedness (Donald, 1985, p. 26). Such a scenario creates the need for interpersonal relationships including intimate, business, and family relationships, and friendship. The topic of interpersonal relationships has been an area of concern for many disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, and psychology. Academicians aim to discover the combination of factors that sustain or hinder interpersonal relations and why people need them. In this quest, many theories, concepts, and axioms have been proposed to explain the complex notion of interpersonal relationships. This essay utilizes various theories and ideas to develop the ingredients of an effective interpersonal relationship. The theories will include the Symbolic Interaction, Expectancy Violations, Constructivism, Social Penetration, and Relational Dialectics Theory while the ideas will consist of non-verbal communication, self-concept, and trust and transparency that are borrowed from Griffin`s book Making Friends.
Communication is the blood life of effective interpersonal relationships that contributes enormously to healthy and sustainable relationships. Communication
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