Interpersonal Relationships And Self Esteem Essay

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Interpersonal relationships are something people look for as a part of human nature. As it is the same with self-esteem, people respond to certain situations and act in a certain way based on how much self-esteem they have. In the article, Self-esteem and life satisfaction in adolescents—gender and age as potential moderators, Moksnes, defines “self-esteem as an individual’s set of thoughts and feeling about his or her own worth” (pg. 2). As humans, we look for ways to boost our self-confidence and a great way to do that is to spend time and depend on the relationships people have with one another. Relationships, whether it be friendships or romantic ones, go hand in hand with self-esteem. Interpersonal relationships and self-esteem have a cause and effect connection. There are different ways that relationships can affect self-esteem, and different ways self-esteem can affect relationships. People can cope with relationships and lack of self-esteem in ways that might not always be healthy. Many different influences also play a role in the correlation between relationships and self-esteem. By reviewing current studies on the subject of relationships and self-esteem, researchers are able to demonstrate the correlation between different relationships and self-confidence. The focus of this research is to determine how different types of relationships cause self-esteem to increase or decrease, as well as determine how self-esteem can make or break interpersonal relationships.
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