Interpersonal Relationships At The Workplace

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INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP AT THE WORKPLACE Raed Alzahrani COM 110 Lori Bevan 05/09/2016 Interpersonal Communication at the Workplace. People talk and it is through talking to one another that we are able to develop interpersonal communication and relationship. Interpersonal communication can therefore be defined as the process by which two or more individuals exchange ideas and information for a specific purpose. The individuals that are exchanging information and ideas are the sender of the message and the party that is receiving the message. For effective communication to take place, these two parties should alternate roles whereby the sender would take time and listen to what the receiver has to say. This would enhance comprehension and memory. Another essential aspect to the communication process is of course the message. These are the contextual ideas that one is trying to articulate. The message is not only communicated through verbal words but all through gestures and facial expressions. For proper delivery of the message, the receiver has to signal the sender that he or she has understood what the sender is trying to communicate. This is called feedback. Feedback is achieved through actions such shaking of one’s head in agreement and sound expressions such as “yea” and “aha”. Interpersonal communication is applied on a regular basis in our lives so as to achieve certain objectives. Superiors talk to their subordinates when issuing out instructions and
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