Interpersonal Relationships in 'The Breakup'

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Interpersonal relationships: "The Breakup" In "The Breakup," two very different people are shown falling in love, moving in together, and finally breaking up. Gary is a typical middle-aged man who is obsessed with sports, video games, and tends to live the life of a confirmed bachelor. However, when he enters the first stage of 'contact' with Brooke, a very organized art curator at a gallery, he is willing to try to make a change in his life and move in with her. Brooke is likewise intrigued by the differences between herself and Gary. The film seems to suggest that because Gary meets Brooke during a Chicago Cubs game when the team is losing that he is especially emotionally vulnerable at the moment he lays eyes on her. After this first point of contact, the couple enters the next interpersonal stage of 'involvement,' as they get to know one another. Despite their differences, they become convinced that they have a future together and view their differences as potential positives rather than negatives. The couple moves in together and begins to establish greater intimacy. Unfortunately, it is at this juncture that the relationship begins to fall apart, as they try to establish a more private form of 'intimacy,' even though they are publically a couple. Brooke takes over the cooking and cleaning, given that she has far higher standards than Gary regarding the tidiness of the apartment and what she is willing to eat. Gary refuses to amend his habits and simply accepts
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